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Mañana arranca el Groezrock 2014, os dejamos alguna información relevante:

- ENTRADAS: Aún quedan entradas anticipadas a la venta. Y en el caso de agotarse se reservarán varias en taquilla, estos son los precios (anticipada/taquilla)

Viernes : 70 euros / 80 euros

Sábado : 80 euros / 90 euros

Combi : 110 euros / 125 euros

Camping : 15 euros


- PRE-SHOWS en el camping: como cada año una serie de actividades preceden al festival.

En el camping hay Monster Party con Uprawr, la noche del jueves desde las 22:00 hasta las 4:00

También se repiten las sesiones en acústico en la zona de BBQ del camping, a partir de las 22:00

The Smith Street Band (AUS) / Crazy Arm (UK) / ASTPAI (AT) / The Dutch Rudders (BE) / Tragical History Tour (SCO) / (Derrick from UNIFORMS) / Trash Candy (SLO) / Evening Call (BE) / Radio 911 (BE) / ScrXtch (NL) / James Choice(AT) / Xenofon Razis (GR) / Dirty Leaves (UK) / Icons Down! (FR) / Greg Rekus(CAN) / Sweet Empire (NL) / Ducking Punches (UK) / Jonathan Marriott (UK) / One Strike Left (DE) / I Like Allie (IT) / Emma Hallows (UK) / The Murderburgers (SCO) / Andrew Cream (UK) / DEAD NECK (UK) / Sammy H Stephens (UK) / Recession Youth (NL) / The Roughneck Riot (UK) / Benjamin Weston (UK) / Ponk (NL) /Chapter Eleven (UK) / Tristan (Lay It On The Line, UK) / Amber.A (SE) /Billy Liar (SCO)

- PRE-SHOW oficial con The Menzingers

Muy cerca del festival en una pequeña sala tiene lugar el pre-show oficial del Groez en colaboración con Riorock, este año tocan The Menzingers, Gameface, Restorations, Campus y Fod. Abren a las 18:30 y las entradas cuestan 7€, el aforo es limitado así que id pronto is queréis aseguraros la entrada.

- CARTEL final del Groezrock:

- APP del festival para el móvil:




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¡Buen viaje a todos y a disfrutar de #GR14!


Queda sólo una semana para el Groezrock, y hoy tenemos una gran doble noticia que dar:

NOFX quiere celebrar el 20 aniversario del ya mítico disco "Punk In Drublic" y lo hará tocando el álbum al completo en el Groezrock.

Del mismo modo OFFSPRING celebrará el 20 aniversario de su álbum SMASH.


Sólo queda un mes para el Groezrock 2014, con la última confirmación de Falling In Reverse se completa el cartel más abultado en la historia del festival con más de 80 bandas:

The Offspring, NOFX, The Hives, Descendents, New Found Glory, Brand New, Quicksand, Screeching Weasel, Taking Back Sunday, Caliban, Falling In Reverse, Alkaline Trio, Boysetsfire, Terror, Everlast, Madball, Judge, H2O, The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, Ignite, All, Modern Life Is War, The Lawrence Arms, Snuff, Norma Jean, Saves The Day, Paint It Black, Cro-Mags, La Dispute, Touché Amoré, Iron Chic, The Menzingers, Funeral Dress, I Am The Avalanche, The Wonder Years, Doomriders, I Killed The Prom Queen, Rooting Out, Gameface, Deez Nuts, The Setup, Bodyjar, The Toasters, The Casualties, Bayside, Done Dying, Red City Radio, Atlas Losing Grip, The Smith Street Band, Apologies, I Have None, Elway, Bim Skala Bim, Larry & His Flask, Tim Barry, Get Dead, Astpai, Drug Church, Wisdom In Chains, Bury Tomorrow, Invsm, Fabulous Disaster, Pup, Crazy Arm, Devil In Me, The Charm The Fury, The Priceduifkes, Restorations, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Blitz Kids, Edward In Venice, The Tramps, Shell Beach, Moments, The Ignored, Kids Insane, River Jumpers, Still Bust, My Extraordinary, Fathoms.

- Entradas por días: Viernes 70€ Anticipada / 80€ Taquilla - Sábado 80€ Anticipada / 90€ Taquilla
- Entrada combi: 110€ Anticipada / 125€ Taquilla
- Camping: 15€ (Hay que comprarlo conjuntamente con la entrada)

Podéis comprarlas desde el apartado entradas (desactivar adblock)

En los próximos días se publicarán los horarios de los artistas.


Se suman al cartel 8 nuevos nombres!!










¿Habéis sido buenos este año? ¡Entonces echad un vistazo al pack de regalos que Groezrock nos tiene preparado! Tenemos un montón de nuevas bandas que se unirán a los ya confirmados NOFX, The Offspring y The Hives en los días 2 y 3 de Mayo 2014.

No less than three legendary old school New York Hardcore acts have confirmed their appearance! Both MADBALL and CRO-MAGS will turn the festival ground into a supersized version of CBGB’s. And legendary straight edge act JUDGE will be playing a Benelux exclusive gig at Groezrock!

But there will be no quiet after the storm when metalcore greats THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and CALIBAN unleash their demons. Or when Ben Koller of Converge and Kevin Baker of The Hope Conspiracy take the stage with their hardcore supergroup ALL PIGS MUST DIE. Their blistering punkmetal is bound to blow some eardrums.

More Christmas presents for the hardcore kids: Australian hardcore powerhouse DEEZ NUTS and WISDOM IN CHAINS, fast and furious ROTTING OUT, melodic hardcore with DEVIL IN ME from Portugal and DONE DYING, featuring veterans of Outspoken and No For An Answer.

Last but not least on the hardcore front is the exclusive European show for PAINT IT BLACK. This marks the third year in a row Dan Yemin plays Groezrock, after previous appearances with Lifetime and Kid Dynamite. Someone who will also be back is Vinnie Caruana. After last year’s solo show on the acoustic stage, this year Caruana will be attending Groezrock with I AM THE AVALANCHE.

What else will Santa bring for the punkrockers? Well, singing along streetpunk tunes with Fat Wreck’s newest signing GET DEAD sure beats caroling about baby Jesus.  And while we’re at it, we might as well do the same with former Avail-frontman TIM BARRY’s anthems or with the awesome folk punks in THE SMITH STREET BAND.

Sweden’s ATLAS LOSING GRIP will bring their classic fast punk rock tunes, while newfound darlings RESTORATIONS will slow it all down with a fresh sound that is labeled “grown up punk”. Not so grown up are the dick jokes of ELWAY, the Colorado-based band that released a fine album called “Leavetaking” a couple of months ago. A band that does not need any dick jokes is FABULOUS DISASTER, the best female punk band of all time according to Fat Mike. And finally we have some pop-punk coming our merry way with genre favorites THE WONDER YEARS and BAYSIDE.

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